Painting in Art Schools


This book can be pre-ordered via amazon now; out in September 2016.

‘Teaching Painting’ addresses the historical, theoretical, pedagogical and continually shifting methods of how the medium is taught. It asks how and why approaches to teaching painting have changed and developed and offers a platform through which practices and experience can be shared. The book includes contributions by: Maggie Ayliffe and Christian Mieves, Gordon Brennan, Ian Gonczarow, Sarah Horton and Sarah Longworth-West, Sean Kaye, John McClenaghan, Dougal McKenzie, Alistair Payne, David Rayson, Craig Staff, Daniel Sturgis, Sarah Taylor, Joseph Wright and Stuart MacKenzie.

Published by Painting Research Group

Painting Practitioners at Belfast School of Art, Ulster University, Northern Ireland

2 thoughts on “Painting in Art Schools

    1. Good meeting Cian, sent you an email about it. This book came about through an innovative conference organised by Manchester School of Art. They’re continuing to organise things regarding painting in art schools, which is great to see. Best, D.

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